Drawing Dialogue

Based on the concept that the location of the artist is important to what they are creating and that  two artists can have a dialogue through visual elements rather than words and conversations, the Drawing Dialogue Project is proposing an exchange at a great distance in phase 1 (2015-2016)


In Phase 1 artists have worked in pairs. Each artist has produced 6xA2 unfinished drawing in a technique of their own choice. They have then sent the drawings to their pair artist to finish off. Each pair has therefore produced 12XA2 drawings that will take part in a first exhibition at DalgaArt in Romania: https://www.facebook.com/drawingdialogue/


Eirini Boukla (Greece, UK) - Vicky Randall (USA)

Mirela Ivanciu (Romania) - Gaby Lees (UK)

Garry Barker (UK) - Stela Lie (Romania)

Ashley Blanton (USA) - Gabriela Boiangiu (Romania, UK, FR)

Martyn Hill (UK) - Patrick Ford (UK, Hong Kong)

Jan Phillips (Australia, Switzeland) - Catherine Pilgrim (Australia)

Valentin Boiangiu (Romania, UK, Russia) - Becky Korn (UK, RUssia)

Claire Daniel (UK, FR) - Adina Cioran (Romania)

Amanda Allan (UK) - Toni MOsley (New Zealand)

Garry Barker, one of the participant artists introduces this project:


'Collaboration can also be something done at a distance and can be a good way of making contacts with other artists and seeing yourself as a ‘global’ practitioner.


The artist Gabriela Boiangiu has recently initiated a project called ‘Drawing Dialogue’. The idea for this began when she was working in Dalga near Craiova in Romania. While she was there a left behind drawing was ‘finished’ by an artist who found it, decided it was interesting and responded to it by making a drawing in dialogue with what was already there. This intrigued her in particular because the new drawing seemed to say something about two very different things at the same time. Gabriela is though also interested in location, and the fact that an entirely visual dialogue could be conducted at a distance. The other issue about location is that the one you are in is always specific. A bedroom in Leeds is totally different to a studio in Paris. '


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